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Yes, if you are lending out money and charging interest and fees on the loan that you have granted then you have to be registered with the National Credit Regulator.

We will handle all the administration work with regards to your application. This includes the completion of the registration documents, any policies and procedures the NCR requires for compliance purposes, booking your Criminal Record check and registering a business for you (if needed).

The NCR requires that every applicant submit a Criminal Clearance background check with his/her application to the NCR.

It depends, if you have been convicted of a minor offence like driving under the influence, then we will motivate your application successfully, however, if you have been convicted of fraud or something similar involving money, then you will not be allowed to hold a credit licencse.

We will complete your application within 3 days after receiving your supporting documents, we then submit your application to the regulator and do regular follow ups to ensure that your application takes priority.

The process generally takes 6 weeks from start to finish.

We will need the basic FICA documents, your ID, proof of address, business registration documents (if we registered a business for you then this is excluded) proof of bank account and a tax clearance certificate for your business.

This is not a problem, we work with a fantastic team of professionals and will gladly share your contact details with each other.

Absolutely, we are not just another software provider, we want to become “partners” in your business.

We are there to guide you through common industry pitfalls and work with you to build a successful Micro Finance Business.

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Interactive Dashboard

In the world of numbers, having the right data at your fingertips is crucial. Our Interactive Dashboard is designed to do just that. It doesn’t just display numbers; it provides a dynamic, user friendly interface where the most vital figures are right in front of you. With real-time updates and intuitive navigation, our dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions and drive your financial success. Experience the power of data with Quinn Pay.

Customer Portal

At Quinn Pay, we believe in the power of a single view. Our Customer Portal offers you a comprehensive perspective of your customers, from their General Information to Advanced Account Management. It’s not just about managing accounts, it’s about creating stronger customer relationships through a holistic understanding of their needs and interactions with your business.

Customer Account

Numbers tell the story, and at Quinn Pay, we provide you with an in-depth view of your customer’s account. From here, you can do more than just review; you can take action. Whether you need to schedule a DebiCheck transaction or receive a payment, our Customer Account feature puts you in control, ensuring seamless customer interactions and transactions.

Credit Checks

Risk management is paramount in the financial industry. Our Credit Checks feature equips you with advanced credit risk information before you onboard a customer into Quinn Pay. We go the extra mile by automatically linking your Ad Hoc Credit Report to your customer profile, streamlining your risk assessment process and helping you make informed decisions.

Creating a Loan

Our advanced model interface places critical information front and center for loan originators. With Quinn Pay, creating a loan is more than just a process, it’s an intuitive experience. We ensure that all pertinent details are at your fingertips, making loan origination efficient, effective, and customer-centric.

Debit Order Creation

Secure Debit Order creation is simplified with Quinn Pay. When you choose to process a Debit Order through our platform, you have the flexibility to select your preferred authentication method and determine the tracking period that suits your needs. We put control in your hands while ensuring the utmost security and accuracy in every transaction.

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