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I’m Roeloff Quinn, the Chief Executive Officer of Quinn Pay. Investing just 20 minutes of your time could lead you to start a highly profitable business. The odds are in your favour.

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Business Registration

Starting fresh in the world of the micro lending business? No worries! If you don't already have a registered company to work with, we've got you covered. Our team at Quinn Pay will handle all the necessary steps and documents to register a micro finance business for you, making your journey into the lending industry smoother and more efficient.

Credit Registration

Getting registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) can be a complex process, but with Quinn Pay, it's hassle-free. We take care of all the requirements on your behalf, from the application to drafting policies and procedures. Our highly skilled Compliance team ensures that every detail is in place, so you can focus on building your lending business with confidence.


At Quinn Pay, we understand that software is the engine room of your lending business. That's why we provide you with the #1 rated Loan Management solution in the industry. Our software is designed to empower you, placing you in the best possible position to achieve success. It's more than just a tool; it's your strategic advantage.

Debit Order Facilities

As part of our comprehensive Risk Management methodology, utilising an approved debit order facilitator reduces your risk exposure. That's why we facilitate the process of opening your account with South Africa's leading Debit Order facilitator. Our integration with the TT1 and TT3 DebiCheck platform offers peace of mind, ensuring the execution of Non-Disputable debit orders, further safeguarding your business.

Risk Management

At Quinn Pay, we understand that managing risk is paramount in the lending industry. That's why we've integrated your loan management solution with the best-in-class Credit Bureaus. Our strategic partnership with VCCB ensures that you're firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to managing risk. With our tools and insights, you can make informed decisions that safeguard your business's future.

Background Check

In order to obtain a credit license issued by the NCR, you must undergo a thorough Criminal Background Screening check. At Quinn Pay, we streamline background checking process for you, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. You'll receive your clearance certificate within just 3 days, allowing you to move forward confidently in the microfinance business as soon as possible.


Marketing is a vital component of any successful lending business. At Quinn Pay, we're on a mission to equip you with the best practices in marketing. Our comprehensive guidance includes setting up digital platforms, creating effective marketing funnels, and defining customer avatars. With our support, you'll have the tools to reach your audience effectively.

Support & Mentoring

Our commitment to your success goes beyond providing software and tools. We become an integral part of your team, taking a seat at your boardroom table. Our dedicated support, ongoing training, and mentoring are unincumbered, ensuring that your journey in the lending industry is guided by experience and expertise. Your success is our passion.


Upon joining Quinn Pay, you'll gain access to our exclusive Academy platform. This educational resource is designed to empower you with industry specific knowledge and enhance your skills. With a diverse range of online courses, you can continually expand your expertise, making you a more effective and successful participant in the lending industry.

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Common Questions Most People Have Before Joining...

These are some of the common questions have when taking part in our free demo sessions, see the questions and answers here.

Yes, if you are lending out money and charging interest and fees on the loan that you have granted then you have to be registered with the National Credit Regulator.

We will handle all the administration work with regards to your application. This includes the completion of the registration documents, any policies and procedures the NCR requires for compliance purposes, booking your Criminal Record check and registering a business for you (if needed).

The NCR requires that every applicant submit a Criminal Clearance background check with his/her application to the NCR.

It depends, if you have been convicted of a minor offence like driving under the influence, then we will motivate your application successfully, however, if you have been convicted of fraud or something similar involving money, then you will not be allowed to hold a credit licencse.

We will complete your application within 3 days after receiving your supporting documents, we then submit your application to the regulator and do regular follow ups to ensure that your application takes priority.

The process generally takes 6 weeks from start to finish.

We will need the basic FICA documents, your ID, proof of address, business registration documents (if we registered a business for you then this is excluded) proof of bank account and a tax clearance certificate for your business.

This is not a problem, we work with a fantastic team of professionals and will gladly share your contact details with each other.

Absolutely, we are not just another software provider, we want to become “partners” in your business.

We are there to guide you through common industry pitfalls and work with you to build a successful Micro Finance Business.


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Quinn Pay is one of the fastest growing micro finance businesses in South Africa, and our customers seem to agree. See what our customers and other platforms have to say about us. 

Jannine Adams
Jannine Adams
Quinnpay is more than just a software company. Serious and passionate about customer success. Built-in customer agreements, reports and so much more. Makes my life easy!
Thabang Moeketsane
Thabang Moeketsane
Thanks for your service guys for the service and system you gave me atleast I can now see the performance of my business realtime
Johann Snyders
Johann Snyders
Excellent software, company and people.
Abby Nair
Abby Nair
Great experience with Quinn Pay they have a passion for business and their clients
Philemon Khatlake
Philemon Khatlake
The system is easy and simple to use and It has intergrated critical service providers.
Francois Du Toit
Francois Du Toit
Willem Botha
Willem Botha
Roger Costa
Roger Costa
Quinpay, Roeloff and his team deserve every good thing coming their way. Their support is unparalleled!

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