About Us

Discover Quinn Pay with our vision, mission, values, and the exceptional team driving our brand and our customers’ success.

The Team Behind Our Success

Meet the incredible team behind Quinn Pay. Our diverse professionals are dedicated to delivering excellence and ensuring our clients’ and partners’ success. From software developers to customer support specialists, we’re committed to innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Meet Our CEO

Roeloff Quinn, CEO of Quinn Pay, started his journey with a simple belief, that innovation and dedication could reshape the lending industry. He overcame challenges, worked tirelessly, and, with a visionary team by his side, turned that belief into reality. Roeloff’s leadership is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Roeloff Quinn
Chief Executive Officer
Jannie Blignaut
Chief Technology Officer

Meet Jannie Blignaut, our CTO, driving tech innovation for our company with years of expertise and a passion for excellence.

Christa Quinn
General Manager

Meet Christa Quinn, our General Manager, ensuring the success of our operations and team.

Our Mission

Who We Are

Discover Quinn Pay and join us in shaping the future of lending

At Quinn Pay, we’re more than just a financial technology company, we’re a team of dedicated professionals passionate about innovation, integrity, and customer success. Our journey is led by Roeloff Quinn, the visionary CEO who started it all, and supported by experts like Jannie Blignaut, our Chief Technology Officer, and Christa Quinn, our General Manager ensuring operational excellence.

Our mission is clear and that is to revolutionise the lending industry with cutting-edge software solutions. We’re committed to streamlining loan management, integrating seamlessly with industry leaders, and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to start their microfinance businesses confidently. Our experienced team works tirelessly to make this mission a reality.


We constantly seek new ways to advance our technology and solutions, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of the lending industry.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, fostering trust with our clients, partners, and team members.


We are dedicated to delivering top-tier service & products, striving for excellence in all that we do to drive the success of our clients.